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ETM Program Evaluation 2014-15

In order to assess the impact of ETM programming and identify ways we can better serve our schools, ETM’s Evaluation department conducts a comprehensive program evaluation each school year.

Some of the key findings from the 2014-2015 school year include:


  • Students in longtime partner schools earned higher English Language Arts (ELA) and Math scores compared to students in non-ETM peer schools. Compared to their peers at non-ETM schools, students in longtime ETM partner schools (i.e., four or more years) scored significantly higher on New York State (NYS) Math and ELA examinations.
  • Students with disabilities in longtime partner schools earned higher Math scores than their peers in non-ETM schools. Students with disabilities in longtime partner schools scored significantly higher on the NYS Math exam than students with disabilities at peer schools, a finding that underscores ETM’s success in enriching the educational experiences of every student in its partner schools, regardless of ability.
  • Students and teachers perceive the positive impact of ETM on students’ academic achievement and attitudes toward school. About 95% of classroom teachers believe ETM has enhanced their students’ academic skills, and around 92% of 3rd through 8th grade students report that ETM has helped them to focus and participate more in school. Moreover, nearly 80% of ETM middle school students say that ETM has increased their desire to go to school.
  • ETM advances students’ social, emotional and artistic development. The majority of students report that music class has improved their creativity, and about 98% of parents and teachers agree. Further, 97% of parents and teachers believe that ETM has enhanced students’ confidence and self-esteem, and 96% report an improvement in students’ cooperation with their peers.
  • ETM programming is highly regarded by partner school personnel. All principals report that ETM was involved with or supported by the community, and 92% believe that participation in ETM’s programs increased students’ engagement in school. 88% of classroom teachers report that ETM’s professional development sessions were useful to them, and 89% rate ETM programming as “good” or “excellent.”