On average, each $150 supports all the services required to deliver an entire year of music education to one student. If you’d like to direct your support to a particular school or activity, just provide written instructions with your donation. Our online donation form allows you to indicate a specific Gift Designation, which you can select from the drop-down list or define on your own by choosing "Other" and writing your restriction in the text field. When donating by check, just indicate any restriction in the memo field or in an accompanying letter.

Some examples are below, or you can contact us to discuss, at 212-972-4788 or development@ETMonline.org.

Possible Projects

Single School or Group of Schools
You can target your donation to a specific partner school or group of schools. For example, support schools in a particular borough or neighborhood.

Particular Grade Level(s)
You can choose to support a particular type of school, such as middle schools, or elementary schools.

Materials and Supplies
You can direct your support towards instruments, materials and supplies.

Training and Professional Development
You can support our training, mentoring and professional development activities and help our teachers become the best educators they can be. Expenses include facilitators, mentors, handouts, and meeting facilities.


Monthly Features

October - Band & Orchestra Ensembles

November - Handbells!

December - Classroom Gifts

January & February - Support a Partner School

March - After-School Chorus

April - Recorder Power

May  - Musical Theater

June - ETM Festival

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