Music education makes a difference. Each year, ETM helps thousands of children to learn skills, gain self-esteem and become excited about school. But for the long term, we are helping our partner schools establish strategic plans to hire their own music teachers and sustain music education beyond the existence of ETM.


Prior external evaluation has found that ETM supports a variety of positive outcomes among students and teachers. ETM added a full-time evaluator to staff in 2012.

The program evaluation for the 2013-14 school year provides evidence that ETM has continued to support students’ academic skills and achievement, and enhance their general development and school engagement. The findings also indicate that ETM continues to provide a quality music program. Overall, ETM engages the support of the overall school community, including parents of ETM students.

Success Stories

Our programs have helped students to master skills and gain self-confidence. By working closely with principals, ETM has helped schools graduate from having no music education at all to employing their own music teachers and sustaining programs beyond ETM’s involvement. In addition, we have helped others to replicate our model in other communities.


ETM’s work has been received enthusiastically by principals, teachers, parents, students and donors.

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