ETM’s work has been received enthusiastically by principals, teachers, parents, students and donors.


"I love music, singing and playing instruments... My spring concert was about a song named ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat.’ We practiced, and practiced! Some of the song was hard to get. We had a lot of movement to do. We had to jump and everything. The concert itself was a success. The song made me feel fun... "In conclusion, I feel like I accomplished something. I accomplished singing in front of a lot of people. At first, I was very scared but now, I am not scared anymore. Overall, this benefits me because I learned how to practice with my classmates as a team."
--Kevin, Age 9 ETM Partner School Student

“Music taught me that I can do things I never thought of doing."
--5th grade student, ETM Partner School P.S. 72, Bronx

“The way I feel about music is happy… you can jump around and sing.”
--1st grade student, ETM Partner School P.S. 43, Bronx

"Ever since I started playing the violin, I started to have more confidence in my work, and more self-respect."
--Partner School Student


"I saw a performance of students at a school in the Bronx. They performed for Joshua Bell. It was an experience I will never forget, watching those students play their hearts out for Mr. Bell. They played beautifully and it brought tears to my eyes. Nowhere else would these children have had the opportunity to learn and play. I'm sure it's a memory they will never, never forget. I know I won't. I continue to support this organization and am glad that there are people and organizations who understand the importance of the arts in children's lives and bring opportunities to experience music to schools where music, dance and art programs are cut from the curriculum."


"After my son started with ETM, he became very excited to go to school. His grades improved! Even at home he behaves better because he finishes his homework early in order to practice on his instrument. He has been inspired by music and discovered his talent. I would honestly recommend this organization to everybody as it has done wonders for my son. I'm really thankful for all of the opportunities this program has given him. Keep up the amazing work."

Thank you so much for choosing P.S. 76 to introduce our children to theatre and band. My daughter loves it! She has grown so much in her self control and appreciation of all kinds of music. She is so excited when she talks about new things she is learning. Because of ETM and its partnership with [Principal] Sedotto… and teachers at P.S. 76, my daughter is happy to come to school early for practice, stay late for chorus, and it has enriched her academic performance. She is and has been on the Honor Roll since 4th grade. I believe she has gained a love for school and learning that will last a lifetime. I especially appreciate the camaraderie she has gained with fellow students, musicians and performers. I will definitely continue to be a supporter of ETM."

Classroom Teachers

"The students have really flourished and have grown tremendously. For many students, this was the first time they were exposed to music and what a joy! This experience for our students has been a great one and we hope we have an opportunity to establish a long lasting relationship with [ETM] in the future."
--Classroom teacher, M.S. 529 (first-year ETM Partner School in the Bronx)

“Many students have shown maturity and dedication to all areas of school thanks to the musical activities they are engaged in.”
--Classroom teacher, ETM Partner School


"When I was growing up, music was a huge part of my upbringing, and I love that I am able to work with an organization that provides children with access to this field. Moreover, I have always been impressed by ETM's level of dedication to their cause in that their programming is unique to each school's needs and is by no-means cut-and-paste."
--ETM Volunteer


"This music program provides the opportunity for the children to gain self confidence, pride and cultural appreciation of music and art. The teachers are well-trained and very talented! What a gift this program has been for our school community."
--ETM Partner School Principal, Bronx

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