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ETM Holds First Annual “East Harlem Music Festival”

On May 19th, ETM hosted the first "East Harlem Music Festival" at ETM partner school P.S. 155. Children from five local elementary schools-ETM partner schools P.S. 38, P.S. 155, Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School and St. Ann School, as well as the Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy II-performed together on the same stage for parents, teachers, and the community. Prior to the performance, ETM Director of Programs Stephen Herx commented, "ETM is absolutely thrilled to be able to bring the first East Harlem Music Festival to the Harlem community. We ultimately hope to make this an annual event, incorporating at least a dozen schools, other local arts organizations, and adults, making the Festival a true day-long celebration of the arts and the community."

State Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell, IV, who lives in East Harlem, welcomed the crowd and expressed his hope that the festival would flourish in the neighborhood for years to come, saying, "All these kids have the potential…to do anything they want to do in life if we just nurture them and help them along the way, and music…is really one way. Music in the schools is a very, very important thing."

U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton sent greetings to the festival. She wrote, "I would also like to recognize Education Through Music's 16 years of promoting arts education in New York City's public and parochial schools. By introducing children to the wonderful world of music and by creating a community where imaginative thinking and artistic expression are encouraged, you have awakened young minds to a world filled with possibilities."

ETM thanks Assemblyman Powell and Senator Clinton for their encouragement, and Nina Hendrick, Principal of P.S. 155, for hosting this event. We look forward to the 2nd annual "East Harlem Music Festival" next spring!