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Mount Carmel-Holy Rosary Students Featured on Sirius Radio and in the Daily News

Throughout the spring, some violin students from ETM partner school Mount Carmel-Holy Rosary can be heard on Sirius Radio.

Candice Cook, the political contributor of the Hip Hop Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, runs segments that are aimed at young people and their concerns during this voting year. One of the big issues being targeted is that of education reform, so Ms. Cook decided to interview students from Mount Carmel and record an Honors Violin class.

If you have access to Sirius Radio, you can listen to Ms. Cook on Channel 40 in a segment she describes as being similar to “Rock the Vote.” ETM thanks Teaching Artist Sharon Kim and her Honors Violin students for lending their talents to the radio show.

In November, ETM partner school Mount Carmel-Holy Rosary opened a new “Texas Dance Studio,” made possible by a generous benefactor in Texas, Elliott Bottom, who contributed to the Inner-City Scholarship Fund. Mr. Bottom visited the school for the studio’s inauguration, and was treated to a performance by student singers, violinists and dancers, including a rendition by the gospel choir of, "Yellow Rose of Texas."

The opening of the dance studio is a huge milestone for the East Harlem School, which just four years ago, was on the verge of closing due to low enrolment. ETM is proud to be partnering with Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary to provide music instruction to every student, currently including general music, chorus, violin and percussion. The school’s dance program is in partnership with Dancing Classrooms.