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ETM Appoints a New Chairman of the Board

Education Through Music (ETM) is pleased to announce that Michael R. Schaefer has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Schaefer is taking over for Edmund R. Schroeder, who co-founded ETM and served as Chairman for over seventeen years. Mr. Schroeder will continue to serve on the Board in his new role as Chairman Emeritus.

“I have to say that Ed has left some big shoes to fill,” says Mr. Schaefer. “But, with the help and support of the Board and staff of ETM, I am looking forward to the challenge. I have been actively involved in the work of ETM for several years now and I am convinced that children do better academically in a program that integrates music with education. I am gratified, particularly, at the level on interest in ETM’s programs that I have seen from educators all over the country. It tells me we are on the right track.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Mike Schaefer as the new Chairman of the Board,” says Kathy Damkohler, ETM’s Executive Director. “Ed Schroeder has laid the foundation for ETM. We look to Mike to guide our growth and success!”

Mr. Schaefer is a Managing Director at Citigroup Global Markets Inc. and has been active in the Financial Services Industry for more than four decades. He is a member of the major commodity exchanges in the U.S. and has served on numerous exchange and industry related advisory committees. He is a former Chairman of the National Futures Association and a former Chairman of the New York Clearing Corporation. Mr. Schaefer is the father of four and grandfather to one.