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External Evaluation Finds ETM Supports Positive Outcomes Among Students and Teachers

On April 23rd, Leslie Scheuler, PhD, President of LS Associates, presented the findings of a three-year external evaluation of ETM's partner school model conducted from 2005-08.  The evaluation was supported by the U.S. Department of Education's Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Grants Program.

The evaluation made use of annual principal and teaching artist surveys, bi-annual teacher surveys, bi-annual student skills assessments, observation rubrics, training session evaluation forms, standardized test score analysis, and teacher focus groups and student interviews.

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Findings include:

  • During each year, students showed significant improvement in musical skills.
  • ETM Teaching Artists are highly rated by principals and classroom teachers.
  • Relationships between ETM and partner school staff are mutually supportive and effective in creating true partnerships. The support and involvement of school leadership is a key aspect of the program's success
  • Examples of collaboration and integration occurred on a more frequent and in-depth basis with each succeeding year.
  • Over time, the number of academic teachers in ETM partner schools who reported using music and the other arts to enrich their classroom instruction increased.
  • Principal and teacher evaluations of ETM professional development offerings remained consistently strong. Over the three years, teachers reported high levels of agreement that facilitators were effective, that there was an open atmosphere for learning and discussion, and that the workshops accomplished their objectives.
  • Evidence suggests improved test performance in Math and English Language Arts is associated with ETM program participation.


In addition to the evaluation, the multi-year U.S. Department of Education grant also supported the creation of various resource materials for teachers and principals.

Click here to read the full report.

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