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ETM Presents Teachers Institute 2009

This year ETM is hosting the Teachers Institute for two days at two different ETM partner schools: Nov. 14th at P.S. 182 in the Bronx, and Nov. 21st at P.S. 83 in East Harlem.  Areas covered include integration, cognitive development, learning theories, and technology.  Participants will not only participate in a wonderfully engaging hands-on approach to music education, but they will also experience what it is like for each of their students to sit in music class.

Education Through Music believes this day of professional development is so important that we PAY each ETM partner school teacher and principal to attend.  Each classroom teacher and principal will be paid an honorarium of $120 for the three-hour workshop.  Online registration is required. Any questions may be directed to Pete Pauliks, Director of Programs, at ppauliks@ETMonline.org

Teachers Institute 2009

Musical Connections:
A Look at Music and Technology taking Root in the Classroom

Spend a fun-filled morning learning about music and technology and how it benefits your students. We will explore different learning styles through a variety of sessions. The Teachers Institute is free to all ETM Partner Schools. Full-time classroom teachers will be paid $120.00 for completing the workshops and an evaluation form. Space is limited to 75 teachers per site, so sign up as soon as possible to reserve your space. Please only sign up for ONE date.


November 14th Teachers Institute:
8:30AM – 12:00PM
PS 182 | 601 Stickball Blvd. | Bronx NY
CLICK HERE to register

November 21st Teachers Institute:
8:30AM – 12:00PM
PS 83 | 219 East 109th Street | NY, NY
CLICK HERE to register