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Keith Terry Body Music Workshop

When: Wednesday, November 11th, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm 

Where: PS 75 Emily Dickinson School
            735 West End Avenue
            New York, NY 10025

Using the oldest instrument on the planet — the human body — we clap, slap, snap, step and vocalize our way through some very fun and funky, original and traditional rhythmic music.  Through the incorporation of rhythmic  devices often found in traditional sources — polyrhythms, polymeters, crosspulses,  half-time/double-time, and phasing — BODY MUSIC is an effective way of  internalizing rhythmic work, which enhances the development of time, timing, phrasing, listening skills, independence, coordination and ensemble awareness.  
It is a useful tool for musicians, dancers and movers of all kinds, actors, DJs and  film editors — anyone interested in improving their rhythmic skills.  Wear comfortable clothing and clean sneakers or jazz shoes.  No previous experience necessary.

KEITH TERRY is a percussionist/rhythm dancer/educator whose artistic vision has
straddled the line between music and dance for more than three decades. 

Cost: $75/person

**This event is FREE for teaching artists and classroom teachers at ETM partner schools and Music and the Brain teachers**

Breakfast is included.

For more information, or to sign up for this unique workshop, click HERE