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Workshops Show Academic Teachers: Why Music?

In order to establish music as a vital resource for our partner schools, ETM holds professional development workshops for the academic classroom teachers at each school. These workshops aim to educate teachers about the ways in which effective music instruction can improve their students’ academic performance.

This fall, ETM partner schools received the first phase of this professional development. In this initial presentation, classroom teachers learned about the hallmarks of an effective music program: measurable musical skill benchmarks, integration with academic subjects, and communication between academic and music teachers. Professional Development and Consulting Specialist Chris Marolf led participants through activities, video examples, and research findings in order to illustrate their role in the creation of an effective music program – a program where music supports learning, the music teacher is utilized as a resource, and all teachers know how to include music in integration strategies.

The second phase of classroom teacher professional development will occur in late winter. This session will further explore integration strategies, and demonstrate lesson activities designed for classroom teachers that use music as a powerful teaching tool in academic subjects.