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Team ETM completed the ING NYC Marathon on November 7th!

On November 7th, a group of passionate individuals ran the ING New York City Marathon in support of Education Through Music. Through the Marathon's Community Charity Program, ETM received a select number of slots to the race, and made them available to individuals who pledged to raise funds for ETM . These runners not only receive guaranteed entry to the Marathon, but also have the opportunity to give back to the community and run for a cause!

We are grateful for this unique opportunity to help runners combine their passion for music and arts education with their passion of running, while spreading the word about ETM's mission to new supporters.

"Why I'm running for ETM: It's an almost perfect way of blending two of my passions, running and music. Or rather, three: running, music, and sharing. For I deeply believe that all of us who are fortunate enough to have some access to education, healthcare and 3 meals a day — which most of the world don't — have an obligation to share our wealth with those less fortunate than us… And the icing on the cake is that not only I get to do that, I actually get to do that at the very best marathon of all! A dream come true!" – Mauricio Morato, Team ETM runner.

We congratulate and thank our team for a job well done! 

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