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P.S. 76 Fourth Graders Perform “Geology Rocks”

This spring, P.S. 76 in the Bronx staged a full-scale musical production, "Geology Rocks." With a cast of over 200 students, the production featured the musical talents and scientific knowledge of the entire fourth grade.

The musical follows the adventures of students on a field trip to the museum. When a teacher, Professor Rock, mysteriously disappears, the students embark on an exciting journey underground and underwater in search of him. Along the way, they learn about the continental plates, rock cycle, and underwater ecosystem. After the children finally find Professor Rock, they conclude the show with a song about the planet: O, Colored Earth.

The fourth graders spent weeks preparing for this impressive production that included a vast array of props, scenery, and costumes. The show came together thanks to the dedication of the students, and the help of many members of the school community. 

ETM thanks P.S. 76 Principal Louise Sedotto and Assistant Principals Julie Falco, Maria Cioffi, and Karen Humphrey for the effort they put into this school-wide initiative. ETM also thanks the classroom teachers, school aides, and custodial staff for going the extra mile to help make the production great. A final thanks to Dean Ford and other parents who donated their time, tools, and expertise to help with set construction.


A P.S. 76 student practices her choreography before the big performance!

A P.S. 76 student practices her choreogaphy before hitting the stage! 


ETM Director of Programs, Peter Pauliks, helps students prepare for their performance

ETM Director of Programs helps students prepare for their performance.