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ETM Enters the New School Year

This fall, ETM goes back to school serving 13,000 students at 25 partner schools across New York City.  Our partnership roster includes three new schools, which are all located in the Bronx: P.S. 25, P.S. 531, and M.S. 529. P.S. 25 is the first bilingual partner school for ETM. P.S. 531 and M.S. 529 are both brand new schools that are opening their doors to students this fall.

In addition to its new partnerships, ETM continues to develop and strengthen our programs within the schools we serve.  We have expanded our after-school band and orchestra programs to serve more schools.  P.S. 48 and P.S. 72, both in the Bronx, will each inaugurate band programs this year, while P.S. 182 in the Bronx will begin the first-year of its orchestra program for 4th and 5th grade students.  Our middle school music programs are also evolving with the introduction of music technology classes as a way to enhance instruction and keep students engaged in learning.  The Music Technology Lab at M.S. 180 launches this year, and a second Lab is set to open at M.S. 424 in the Bronx later this fall.

We are excited for the new school year and look forward to seeing what the thousands of children at our partner schools will accomplish this year!