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ETM Students Perform this Winter!


One student assumes the role of Little Drummer Girl at P.S. 182!

This student prepares for a festive P.S. 72 performance!


 St. Clare students celebrate the holidays in song!


Members of the M.S. 180 band learn the importance of listening and teamwork during their Winter concert! 

Students at M.S. 180 showcased the diversity of their learning this holiday season. 

 P.S. 182 students incorporate choreography into their winter songs!

A child at P.S. 182 demonstrates musical multi-tasking with a handbell!



This student at St. Mark the Evangelist is thrilled to perform for his family and community.


ETM Music Teacher Chris Dillon involves audience members and parents in the performance. 


M.S. 180 orchestra students stand tall and proud in front of their community.



A P.S. 531 student shines in her concert this December.


Students at St. James and St. Jospeh proudly sing through their holiday repertoire.