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ETM Supports Music Teachers with Training Sessions

In November and January, ETM hosted two full-day training workshops as part of its ongoing professional development and comprehensive training program for the community of ETM music teachers.  Director of Programs Peter Pauliks designed the training sessions based on his observations of current curricular challenges and specific classroom needs.
ETM Board Member Joseph McDonald, who attended the fall session, was struck by the dynamic lessons he observed, noting, "Each music teacher had their colleagues (and me) act as members of a class, clapping, dancing, and singing through a broad range of unique exercises. The techniques were very creative, effective, and such pure fun that everyone got fully engrossed in the lessons!"

At the training sessions, ETM Program Staff presented teaching tools that help reinforce higher-level thinking skills. ETM Music Teacher Chris Dillon expressed his appreciation for this guidance: "I thought the training was pedagogically appropriate for all grade levels. I love how it tied in so many other teachable aspects."

ETM will offer additional workshops in the spring and continues to provide music teachers with resource materials and ongoing mentoring. As Mr. McDonald expressed, "ETM's music teachers are the very heart and soul of the ETM method and the principal reason behind ETM's success."