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P.S. 182 Kicks off 2012 with “Breakfast with the Orchestra”

On January 18, ETM Music Teacher Chelsea Stern led over 100 string ensemble students in "Breakfast with the Orchestra" at P.S. 182 in the Bronx. This is the first year that string orchestra has been offered at the school.

During the 2011-12 school year, ETM provides extracurricular band ensembles at seven partner schools and string orchestra programs at five schools.  The "Breakfast" series runs during January and February, allowing these ensemble students to share with parents and community members what they have been learning since receiving their instruments in the fall.

The P.S. 76 band played a lively repetoire on the morning of February 1.

These P.S. 48 students watch their ETM Music Teacher for musical cues and changes in dynamics.


P.S. 48’s  band fires up school spirit during a concert for their peers, parents, and community. 


ETM Music Teacher Melissa Salguero speaks to the crowd of parents and community members as the P.S. 48 band gets ready backstage.