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Laurie Rubin Inspires Students at M.S. 529

On October 26, mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin visited ETM partner school M.S. 529 in the Bronx. In anticipation of her visit, students read a chapter from Rubin’s memoir, Do You Dream in Color?: Insights from a Girl Without Sight. The chapter, “The Babysitter’s Club,” chronicles Ms. Rubin’s struggles throughout middle school with fitting in and feeling different. Ms. Rubin, who has been blind since birth, shared her difficulty with overcoming obstacles like bullying—a topic which resonated with many students.

She sang three songs, including one she wrote, and answered poignant student questions. During the Q&A, Ms. Rubin—candid about the discipline and habits required to be successful, whether as a performing artist or in life in general—universalized her experiences to create a special and inspiring connection with the students. Ms. Rubin’s visit also coincided with students learning to write their own memoirs, which allowed English teachers to use the text to demonstrate proper use of dialogue and detail in personal narratives.