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2013-14 Evaluation Summary

Over the 2013-2014 school year, the evaluation data collected suggest that the ETM program model is being effectively implemented. ETM instruction is positively associated with students’ academic skills and achievement, as well as their general development and school engagement, and the program builds support of music education within its partnership schools and communities.

To measure ETM’s effectiveness, surveys were conducted with students, teachers, principals and parents. Students’ assessment scores in music and academics were also obtained.

Summary of Findings

  • ETM students show greater academic achievement than their peers in non-ETM schools. The ETM program supports learning in the academic areas of Math and English Language Arts (ELA). Comparative data from the New York State (NYS) Assessment suggest that students within ETM schools show greater academic achievement than students in NYC public schools that have similar demographic populations and are within the same geographic region of NYC. Furthermore, ETM students’ academic achievement is positively correlated to their musical achievement, based on performance measures from the NYS Assessments and the ETM Music Assessment.
  • ETM positively impacts students’ academic achievement. Students, classroom teachers and principals agree that ETM supports academic achievement. According to middle school student survey responses, 92% reported that music class “improved their academic skills.” In addition, ETM students significantly increased their NYS Assessment Math and ELA proficiency from the 2012-13 to 2013-14 school year. Among classroom teachers surveyed, 95% reported that ETM increases students’ “academic development” and 94% reported that ETM improves students’ “critical thinking skills.” Furthermore, 100% of principals highly rated ETM’s effectiveness in improving students’ academic achievement.
  • ETM has a positive impact on students’ social and emotional development. As indicated by survey responses from students, classroom teachers and parents, the program helped students within the areas of self-esteem, confidence about school and positive attitude. Among middle school students, 95% believed that music class helped them to focus their attention. Classroom teachers, parents and students believed that the program increased students’ creativity.
  • ETM’s partner school leadership highly regard the ETM program. All principals surveyed rated the overall program as either “excellent” or “good” and highly rated ETM’s effectiveness in providing a quality music program. Furthermore, all principals reported ETM as effective in increasing students’ engagement.