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Grain Audio and Education Through Music Announce New Partnership to Support Music Education in NYC Schools

Education Through Music announces a new partnership with Grain Audio to support music education in inner-city schools. Grain Audio (www.grainaudio.com) is committed to making a difference not only with their high quality audio products, but also by giving back and supporting Education Through Music.

ETM and Grain Audio will partner in a number of ways:

• GrainAudio will provide audio equipment support to ETM partner schools
• In the coming year, Grain Audio will host several special events to help raise funds for ETM
• Grain Audio will provide additional marketing support to help increase ETM’s reach and exposure to new audiences and supporters

In addition, just in time for the holidays, ETM and Grain Audio are offering the HANDheld wireless speaker to ETM’s supporters at a retail price of $249.
For each wireless speaker sold to an ETM supporter, Grain Audio will make a contribution of $68 to Education Through Music.

To order the Grain Audio HANDheld wireless speaker in support of Education Through Music, visit: www.grainaudio.com/ETM or www.etmonline.org/store.

“We are honored to be partnering with ETM. The incredible work they are doing touching children’s lives through music is both inspiring and result oriented,” said Mitch Wenger, President of Grain Audio. “ They have a real impact and are truly doing incredible work. Grain Audio is thrilled to be partnering with this amazing organization.”

“Grain Audio’s exceptional commitment to making a difference in thousands of students lives in New York City through music education is so important to helping us provide the highest quality education to all children,” said Katherine Damkohler, Executive Director of Education Through Music. “ETM shares a common core belief with Grain Audio of meeting the highest of standards possible in the work we do. We could not ask for a better partner.”

Charity Navigator Four-Star Rating