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A Success Story

Unlocking Every Child’s Potential

ETM believes music education as a core subject works as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school and self-confidence. Music education provides the tools necessary for students to succeed in school and life. 

Through group activities and student performances, students are thriving socially and emotionally and building bonds with one another.

This is especially true for Angela, a fifth grader in the Bronx, who was born with ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome). Because of this disease, Angela has only three fingers on each hand. Before this year, Angela never thought she could play an instrument. Though she is passionate about music, in class she was often too shy and withdrawn to engage with her peers and lessons. But her ETM music teacher knew Angela could participate, so she adjusted her instruction to fit Angela’s needs. Her teacher made physical modifications to classroom instruments, and now Angela can play along during class. This has helped Angela open up more, share with her peers, and take her passion into her hands. She is more outgoing and even volunteers during lessons, something she never used to do before.

Recently, Angela even joined the school’s band as a trumpet player! Being a bright and dedicated student, Angela goes above and beyond in her ensemble work. She studies music literacy at home, has learned the history of the trumpet, and practices for hours each week. During the fall parent-teacher conference, Angela named every single part of the trumpet, plus some valve combinations.

Music has empowered Angela. Because of your support, students like Angela, who may feel left out in other disciplines, can participate freely in music class and reap the same benefits as any other student. Because of your support, tens of thousands of deserving children have unlocked their potential through music, making extraordinary strides in the face of overwhelming challenges.