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Give Monthly- Join Bassline

Sustained gifts keep ETM’s programs moving forward. Your monthly donations will help our students now and into the future.

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$15.00 sponsors one child's year of music education
$30.00 sponsors two children's year of music education
$60.00 sponsors four children's year of music education
$150.00 sponsors ten children's year of music education
$420.00 sponsors an entire class of students for one year

Note: ETM does not sell or share personal information unless required by law to do so.

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ETM'S Monthly Giving Program

In music, the bassline is the backbone of the song. It supports the melody and harmony, and gives the song a foundation. By giving monthly, you can become the bassline for one of our students. For only $15.00 a month, you can sponsor an entire year of music education for one child in need. Members of Bassline receive exclusive updates and special content to witness our programs in action. Join Bassline today. Give the gift that lasts a lifetime, one month at time. Not ready to join Bassline? You can make a difference with a gift of any size.

Give While Your Shop

Some online retailers give back to ETM when you shop with them and select ETM as the charity recipient.