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A Student Finds Success with Music Education

Meet Kahlil

ETM believes music education as a core subject works as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school and self-confidence. Music education provides the tools necessary for students to succeed in school and life.


Kahlil has a hard time being an functioning member of his class. He rarely talks about topics the class is focusing on and is usually quiet. He often walks around the room aimlessly and is well known for starting physical fights with other students who get too close to him.

Kahlil was recently taken from his home by the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and placed in a foster home earlier this school year. This foster home already had four biological children and two other foster children in it, and the parents struggle to make ends meet and provide for the family.

Singing is one of the few things Kahlil loves to do. He has not been exposed to much in the way of self-expression, but has latched onto singing as a means to express himself. Kahlil’s teachers hope that when he feels most distant from his community that he will use his singing voice to find his way back.

Kahlil is very enthusiastic about participating in music class and loves to guide his peers in singing exercises. He is not only showing a greater self-confidence, but he is showing more empathy toward his classmates.

During one singing exercise, Kahlil noticed that one of his classmates was not feeling comfortable and offered to help sing with her. Without knowing it, Kahlil aided his classmate in overcoming her fright and helped her find her voice just like he has found his. Kahlil’s story is a testament to how music education can help a child find their voice. When children are given a space to freely express themselves and are treated with kindness and respect, they flourish and learn to become confident, resilient children.  Kahlil is still growing, and through music education he is recognizing his own ability to lead and anticipate the needs of his fellow students.