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Celebrating Music In Our Schools Month®

This month, we’re celebrating Music In Our Schools Month®. We know that not everyone is back in their school building yet, though, so here are 31 ways to celebrate music education this month!

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If your child takes class remotely, tune in to their music class today! If they take it in-person, ask them what they learned.

Learn more about why music education matters.

Sometimes the kitchen can be the classroom! Learn about music from your own kitchen classroom with ETM music teacher David Martinez.

Enjoy a choir performance by an ETM partner school choir.

Write your child’s school principal to let them know how much you value music class. Or, write them to demand music in your school. Don’t have a child? Write your local congress person instead. Here are some tips from writing your letter.

Share a musical memory from your own school days with your child, and ask them to share one with you.

Share your favorite music video with a young person you know. Better yet, share a video of yourself singing and dancing along! And share it with ETM, too, by tagging @ETMonline.

Make your own musical instruments at home! We’ve got plenty of way to get you started.

Take a music lesson with one of the kids in your life. Check out our Distance Learning Library for lots of lesson options.

Write a remix to a song, even if it’s just the chorus! Take Weird Al’s “Eat It,” and “Another One Rides The Bus,” as inspiration.

Make a video thanking your favorite music artist, music teacher, musical inspiration, or anyone that has made an impact on your musical life! Share it on social media and tag

Learn about Opera with a young person in your life!

Share a pic of yourself or a kid in your life dressed up in honor of your favorite artist. Tag @ETMonline.

Have a musical talent show at home, starring you and any kids in your home!

Learn your kid’s school song. If they don’t have one, write one together!

Music trivia! What does Timbre mean? Share your or your favorite kid’s answer on social media by tagging @ETMonline.

Have a dance party with the kids or students in your life!

Rename your favorite dishes to honor musicians. Here are some ideas: Polka Potatoes, Piccolo Pizza, Lizzo Lasagna, Lil Mix Trail Mix, Billie Eilish Goulash, Drake Cake, Britney Asparagus Spears. Lady Gaga Gazpacho. Did you come up with more? Post it to social media and tag us @ETMonline.

Read ETM Executive Director Penny Swift’s opinion about why it’s critical to keep music in our schools.

Share a photo/video from a musical performance you were a part of with a young person in your life. Share it with ETM by tagging @ETMonline.