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Why Become An Affiliate?

The purpose of a partnership with Education Through Music (ETM) is to provide comprehensive and sequential music education as a core subject that serves all students, builds community, and results in sustainability. By demonstrating the impact and power of music education in all communities, no matter children’s backgrounds and circumstances, we can advocate for systemic change. 

By partnering with ETM, you and your organization will have access to a network of other passionate, driven education leaders around the country. As national partners, our affiliates can develop more resources, continually improve teaching and management practices, maintain quality standards, provide better career growth for talented staff, and networking opportunities for board members. 

What is an ETM Affiliate?

ETM Affiliates are 501(c)3 corporations governed independently of ETM. Affiliates embrace and implement ETM’s unique model in their designated region, which may include individual schools or school systems. In return for ongoing support and access to myriad resources, including evidence-based program materials, executive consulting, and networking opportunities, Affiliates pay an annual fee to ETM National.


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What does ETM provide Affiliates?

• On-going consulting/technical support and training for both administrative and program staff

• Evidence-based program materials, including curricula, original lesson plans, and professional development resources

• Executive consulting and training for Affiliate leadership

• License to use of ETM materials, branding, and other intellectual property for promotional and programmatic purposes

• Design and hosting of their organization’s website

• Professional Development opportunities

What are Affiliates responsible for?

• Implementing ETM’s unique model in Partner Schools

• Utilizing designated ETM materials

• Participation in relevant conferences

• Providing professional development and/or advisory services to outside organizations and schools

• Fundraising (for Affiliate’s own operations; ETM does not provide direct funding)

• Reporting on activities regularly

• Maintaining 501(c)3 tax status and good standing in State of Incorporation

• Paying annual support and licensing fees

Ready to take the next step on replicating the ETM model in your community? Questions? Please contact our team at