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Allison Allen

Allison Allen is a Co-Founder of Texni, which provides people focused strategy consulting, organizational development solutions and technology advisory to Startups Leaders, “Main Street” Entrepreneurs, Small to Medium Business Owners and Fortune 500 companies. Allison is a business-driven executive with experience in building and scaling world-class organizations and brands through talent, culture, team building and organizational development programs and initiatives. She is best known for “thoughtfully disrupting” processes and practices that limit execution, stifle creativity and hinder business outcomes.

Allison is currently working with clients on establishing culture values, hiring approaches and defining what is most important to them as leaders. Playing the role of People Partner and Leadership Coach, she helps them define team goals, company mission, expected performance behaviors, and ultimately, how to deliver to their customers. Allison noticed common issues with people and talent management approaches that startup leaders face as they grow their organizations. Backed by venture capitalist or not, resources are somewhat cookie cutter, not readily available or written in “HR speak.” The goal is to empower these organizations to achieve their full potential by avoiding common mistakes, and providing strategic insights, innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise.

Allison’s skills are best presented in 1) strengthening business, operational and people partnerships; 2) championing inclusion at all levels; 3) contributing to the overall financial stability and performance of the organization; 4) enhancing the internal and external brand of the company; and 5) creating innovative approaches that result in an all-inclusive work environment.

Previously, she held key executive roles at Expedia, Twitter, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Gerson Lehrman Group, Verizon Media, Bloomberg LP, Deutsche Bank and McKinsey & Company. Allison completed her degree from New York University. She continues to add to her many certifications in Organizational Psychology & Behavioral Science.