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Halloween Activity: "Skin and Bones"

Looking for a fun Halloween activity you can do in the classroom or at home? One of our favorite Halloween songs is “Skin and Bones” because it’s fun to sing, and you can incorporate any instrumentation you or your students or family would like.


The Music: Skin and Bones

Download Here!

Setting Up

Gather your students or family in a circle. If you plan to use a piano or other instrument, be sure to have it nearby.

The Activity: 

  1. Make sure everyone can see the lyrics or has a copy to reference.
  2. Review the melody with your students using call and response. If you don’t read music, no problem!  Listen to this recording together.
  3. If you have instruments at hand, share them with your students and invite them to play along! They don’t need to follow the melody; they can also add to the rhythm or provide spooky sounds to accompany the lyrics. At-home-hack: No instruments? Use glasses filled with water to create different spooky pitches. 
  4. Once everyone is comfortable with the melody, cue your students to start singing!  While they sing, students can walk around in a circle.
  5. Try challenging your students to sing loudly for one verse, very quietly for another, or in their spookiest voice for a third.
  6. Get ready for shrieks and giggles and encourage your students to jump or shout the very last word of the song together!


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