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Bahati Barton

Bahati Barton is a native of Brooklyn, NY. In 2016 she earned her Bachelor of Music Degree from Howard University, and in 2018, her Masters of Music Degree from Binghamton University, both in vocal performance.

As a trained opera singer Bahati has performed in productions and recitals nationally and internationally. Her performance experience spans classical, jazz, r&b, and pop music genres and hip hop, African, ballet, and modern dance forms.

Before joining the ETM team, Bahati taught undergraduate students for two years and middle school choir and band for three years. Her teaching experience includes private lessons through her vocal studio, Emerging Voices, and group classes for elementary-age children.

Bahati’s love for music has carried her from the stage to the classroom, where she is dedicated to building her student’s self-esteem by empowering children through exposure to culturally diverse music that reflects who they are and, more importantly, who they can be.