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How Our Model Works

Every child, at every school, deserves access to high-quality music education.

Maximizing Student Potential

A student-centric focus on music education is at the heart of what makes our model unique. We take a comprehensive approach to deliver music education at under-resourced elementary, middle, and high schools, ensuring sustainability and long-term success by:

  • Providing comprehensive and sequential music education as a core subject for every student
  • Configuring and supplying new music classrooms
  • Recruiting and hiring high-quality music teachers
  • Offering a sequential curriculum meeting state and national standards
  • Providing ongoing training and professional development for music and classroom teachers
  • Providing support and guidance to principals
  • Strengthen parent and school involvement in partner schools
  • Developing band and orchestra ensembles
  • Evaluating our program to maintain the highest quality standards

Our Unique Model

Partner with principals to develop a sustainable program in their school
  • Integrate the music program into the school as a core subject
  • Offer ongoing professional development to teachers
  • Equip new music classrooms
Hire qualified music teachers and match them with a partner school
  • Recruit, hire, and employ high-quality music teachers
  • Match teachers with the unique needs of each partner school
Equip teachers with the tools to succeed
  • Connect teachers to professional peer network
  • Provide year-round professional development
  • Assign mentors to provide resources and support
  • Provide teachers with relevant benchmarks to inform curricula design
Institute a sustainable program
  • Partner schools hire their teacher from ETM
  • ETM provides ongoing mentorship and professional development
Provide quality music education to students, no matter their background or circumstances.

Transforming schools with music education

Hear how music education has changed lives


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What Others Are Saying

“Without music, I feel a piece of me is missing.”


ETM Partner School

“My child loves the music class she is in because she knows many schools don't have music in their area.”


ETM Partner School

“What I love about Education Through Music is that they provide the nuts and bolts of a quality music education.”

Donna Anaman


“Music does help me a lot, and it’s helped me get through some really difficult times.”


ETM Partner School