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Welcome to Education Through Music: The Podcast!

Why do all students need access to music education?
How does music support students’ social and emotional well-being?
What are the effects of music on child development?
How does music strengthen school communities?
What is music role’s in addressing the academic and emotional effects of the pandemic on students?

Every month, podcast host and ETM Instructional Supervisor, Noah Teachey, explores these questions and more as he sits down with guest teachers, students, families, schools administrators, and education researchers to discuss the importance of music education in our schools. Learn how music teachers are building inclusive learning environments for all students, utilizing technology in the music classroom, using music as a tool for student growth and discovery, and more.

Join us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and Spreaker to hear firsthand how ETM teachers are changing the lives of New York City students through the power of music education.

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EPISODE 6: What steps can teachers take to center black history in their music programs?

In this month’s episode, Noah sits down with fellow Instructional Supervisor Elijah Thomas to discuss approaches to centering Black History in the music classroom this month and every month. Their insightful conversation explores the role that music education has in shaping culture and its ability to inspire innovative ways for students to understand and respond to the truth of our country’s history. A number of influential teaching and community-building resources are highlighted in the discussion as well, available below.


For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood, Chris Emdin
We Want to Do More Than Survive, Bettina Love
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Jeff Chang
Total Chaos, Jeff Chang
Hip Hop Genius, Sam Seidel

Transition Music


A man with headphones speaking into a microphone beside another photo of a group of students singing on stage. Text reads: "Education Through Music: The Podcast, Episode 5 (part 1): What makes for an excellent school concert?"
EPISODE 5: What makes for an excellent school concert?

In this month’s two-part episode, Noah is joined by Marta, Joe, and Alfredo, ETM Teachers who recently led successful concerts at their partner schools. They discuss concerts that have inspired them, what they have brought to their teaching careers from their experiences as performers, and the best practices and advice they would share with early career music teachers preparing for their first student performances.





Image description: white and gray background with two people in muted colors, one man with headphones speaking into microphone, the other a woman playing a ukulele. Text: "Education Through Music: The Podcast"

EPISODE 4: how can the music classroom teach trust and care?

In our fourth episode, Noah sits down with ETM music teacher Arielle Lewis to discuss the role that music education plays in teaching trust and care. Arielle speaks about her personal experiences coping in the classroom in the midst of personal turmoil, as well as the redemption she experienced through building her music programs and preparing for her ukulele ensemble’s special holiday performance this season.





EPISODE 3: What is the place of technology in the music classroom?

In our third episode, Noah sits down with Dr. Jim Frankel, veteran music educator and Founder/Director of MusicFirst, to discuss the many ways in which technology amplifies the impact of a complete music education and serves as a facilitator for accessibility in the music classroom.






EPISODE 2: What do early career music teachers need to know?

In our second episode, Noah leads a round table discussion among ETM Instructional Supervisors to explore what early music teachers need to know to build an inclusive, supportive learning environment, while offering encouragement and guidance to music teachers at the beginning of their careers.






EPISODE 1: Why do we need music in schools?

In our first episode, Noah sits down with Education Through Music Teachers to discuss the value of music in schools. They reflect on their own lives as music students and connect their formative, personal experiences to the important work they do now as music teachers at under-resourced schools across New York City.