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How did having music class at school influence your life?
Was there a music teacher who made a difference?
How has music informed your career, your relationships, or your self-identity? 

In our podcast series, Notables, Noah Teachey sits down with leaders in the music, technology, finance, and related industries to learn about the influential role that music has played in their lives. Guests share formative experiences about being exposed to music at an earlier age, the ongoing impact of music on their careers, and their perspectives on the importance of ensuring all students have access to high quality music education at school.

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Why do all students need access to music education?
How does music support students’ social and emotional well-being?
What are the effects of music on child development?
How does music strengthen school communities?
What is music role’s in addressing the academic and emotional effects of the pandemic on students?

Every month, podcast host, Noah Teachey, explores these questions and more as he sits down with guest teachers, students, families, schools administrators, and education researchers to discuss the importance of music education in our schools. Learn how music teachers are building inclusive learning environments for all students, utilizing technology in the music classroom, using music as a tool for student growth and discovery, and more.



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Notables – Ep 11: Anne-Marie McDermott

We speak with Anne-Marie McDermott, a classical pianist and member of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. She is also the artistic director of numerous music festivals, including the Bravo! Vail Music Festival, which just kicked off its 2024 season.

Anne-Marie talks about her early exposure to music and the impact her family and music teachers had on her journey as a musician and finding her artistic voice. She also shares with us formative experiences as a collaborative and solo artist, lessons from her role as an artistic director, and her views on the importance and power of the arts.

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etm: the podcast – EP 16: with gina costanza

This spring, we connected with Gina Costanza, a music educator who has spent the last 18 years teaching general music and chorus and is currently the president of the Music Educators Association of New York City (MEANYC). It’s clear: Gina truly loves what she does. In our conversation, we learn how she was inspired to pursue the profession as a student as well as some of the challenges during the early years of teaching. She also shares her unique experiences teaching students across New York City, the impact that MEANYC has in NYC’s music education community, and where she sees music ed going in the future. Tune in to hear from a passionate educator who, day in and day out, works to ensure that music provides a space for healing, community, and growth for her students.
Listen to “Episode 16: With Gina Costanza” on Spreaker.

Notables – EPISODE 10: anne akiko meyers
We had the privilege to sit down with one of the world’s most esteemed violinists, Anne Akiko Meyers. Grammy-nominated and a trailblazer in her field, Anne has collaborated with today’s most important composers, conductors, orchestras and presenters, creating a remarkable collection of new violin repertoire for future generations. We speak with Anne about her journey as an artist, from her earliest exposure to music to working with some of today’s most innovative composers. We learn about the commitment her parents made to her developing musicianship, the characteristics of her teachers that helped lay the foundation for her success, and Anne’s invaluable perspective on finding one’s own artistic voice.

Listen to “Notables – Ep 10: Anne Akiko Meyers” on Spreaker.

Notables – EPISODE 9: leonard slatkin
We had the honor to speak with internationally acclaimed conductor, Leonard Slatkin. Maestro Slatkin is Music Director Laureate of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO), Directeur Musical Honoraire of the Orchestre National de Lyon (ONL), Conductor Laureate of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO), and Principal Guest Conductor of the Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria (OFGC). He also maintains a rigorous schedule of guest conducting throughout the world and is active as a composer, author, and educator. Leonard speaks with us about his musical heritage, his experiences growing up in California public schools, and his views on the importance and impact of having access to the arts. He also shares advice for today’s music educators to make teaching more relevant and reflective of the current times. 

Listen to “Notables – Ep 9: Leonard Slatkin” on Spreaker.

etm: the podcast – EP 15: etm’s model in action
What are the steps to establishing a great music program? In this episode, we take a behind-the-scenes look at ETM’s unique and exemplary model for music education. ETM’s Davian Alleyne (Teacher at P.S. 236), Stephanie Nantell (Senior Director of Programs), and Arielle Lewis (Instructional Supervisor) share the many levels of planning and support that go into making a successful program. We also hear from the Principal of P.S. 236 and a parent of students at the school to learn about the impact music education has made on the community, starting from the first day of school to its culminating winter concert.

Listen to “Episode 15: ETM’s Model in Action” on Spreaker.

etm: the podcast – EP 14: with Deb Confredo

In this two-part episode, we speak with Dr. Deb Confredo, Professor of Music Education at Temple University and President-Elect of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). A 43-year veteran music educator, Deb shares with us her early inspirations to pursue music education, the trajectory of her career, as well as the origins and development of the Music Teacher Profession Initiative, which was was formed in 2021 by NAfME to identify barriers to equity in music teacher recruitment, education, and retention. Tune in to this insightful conversation from one of the leading voices in music education today.

Listen to “Episode 14: With Deb Confredo (part I)” on Spreaker.
Listen to “Episode 14: With Deb Confredo (part 2)” on Spreaker.

etm: the podcast – EP 13: on leadership with etm ceo, janice weinman

To kick off 2024, we speak with none other than the CEO of Education Through Music, Dr. Janice Weinman. Weinman boasts a five decade career, including top leadership positions of international and national non-profit organizations. She also served in two presidential administrations and was recently named a 2023 Politics NY and amNY Metro Power Player in Education for her contributions to the field. Weinman joins us for a robust discussion about the impact of her early music education experience, her approach to leadership, and how she applies her lifelong commitment to advancing educational equity to ETM’s work and mission.

Listen to “Episode 13: On Leadership with ETM CEO, Dr. Janice Weinman” on Spreaker.

etm: the podcast – EP 12: the case for modern band

Modern band can be a tremendously popular and educational music offering, especially for a school that is starting a new music program. To prove this, we look no further than the success of the modern band at All Hallows High School, an ETM partner school located in the Bronx.

For nearly 40 years, All Hallows lacked a formal music program and in the short span of two years, the band has risen to perform at venues such as Yankee Stadium, PAC NYC, and countless venues throughout its community. In this episode, we sit down with the students, alongside teacher Alfredo Hernandez and school leaders Paul Fontana and Principal Nick Corrado, to discuss the role that music education has played in shaping the school community and building a sense of brotherhood. Tune in to learn about the band’s evolution from inexperienced newcomers to performers that continue to push themselves to greater heights.

Listen to “Episode 12: The Case for Modern Band” on Spreaker.

Notables – EPISODE 8: Anthony davis
In our latest Notables episode, we had the absolute privilege to speak with the internationally celebrated and Pulitzer Prize winner composer, Anthony Davis.
Davis is one of the “great living American composers” (New York Times). Opera News calls him “a National Treasure, and in 2023, Opera America inducts him into its Hall of Fame. Davis was the first to write a new American genre: opera on a contemporary political subject. His X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X returns to the Met Opera this November, 37 years after its sold-out opening at the New York City Opera. “X” has taken on an almost mythic stature as the first opera to seamlessly integrate the musical worlds of opera and improvised music in a compelling story about one of the most charismatic figures in American history. We speak about Davis’ musical upbringing, his unparalleled artistry, and his perspective on the connections between music to other art forms and the outside world.To watch the full episode, click here.
Notables – EPISODE 7: Wé ani
Excited to share of our podcast episode with the remarkable singer/songwriter and musician Wé Ani!
You may recognize Wé and her powerful voice from the most recent season of American Idol where she became a top five finalist. Before American Idol, her talents caught the public’s attention when she secured a 3rd place finish on the TV show, The Voice. Wé honed her skills at the prestigious Harlem School of the Arts, and since then, her music has taken her across the United States and beyond, sharing the stage with legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, Chris Botti, Ceelo Green, Patti Austin, Dionne Warwick, John Legend, and Alicia Keys. Wé recently unveiled her highly anticipated EP, “Frantic,” and continues to establish herself as a true force to be reckoned within the music industry.

We kick off part 1 of this special conversation by exploring Wé’s formative experiences with music education and her personal routines and practices for performing. She also shares with us her perspectives on the balance between talent and hard work, and provides us with an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at her experience becoming a finalist on American Idol.

In part 2, we pick up the conversation with a dive into her experiences as a finalist on American Idol as well as her experiences working with children’s groups, the writing of her children’s book, and her motivation in speaking with kids about music, creative expression, and how to be their authentic selves. Tune in for an inspiring conversation with a rising star who continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry and make a difference in the world.

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Listen to “Notables – Ep 7: Wé Ani (part II)” on Spreaker.

Notables – EPISODE 6: Michael repper

In this episode, we had the honor to speak with award-winning conductor Michael Repper. With work spanning five continents, Repper has an international reputation for engaging and exciting audiences of all spectrums, and for promoting new and diverse musical talents.

In 2023, Michael became the youngest North American conductor to win a Grammy Award in Best Orchestral Performance for his album with the New York Youth Symphony, marking the first time a youth orchestra achieved this milestone. He currently is the Music Director of the Ashland Symphony Orchestra, Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, and the Northern Neck Orchestra of Virginia. Michael speaks with us about his musical upbringing, the similarities between conducting and educating, and his approach to exposing young musicians to local, contemporary artists. He also shares with us the process of recording his critically-acclaimed album with the New York Youth Symphony.

Tune in to learn more about Michael’s story and his commitment to the community-building power of the arts!

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Notables – EPISODE 5: anthony mcgill

We had the privilege to speak with Anthony McGill, principal clarinet of the New York Philharmonic and the first African-American principal player in the organization’s history. Hailed for his “trademark brilliance, penetrating sound and rich character” (New York Times) and recipient of the 2020 Avery Fisher Prize – one of classical music’s most significant awards – Anthony shares with us the people and experiences that have shaped him as a musician, his perspectives on the importance of music and art, and how he has used his platform to promote justice, equity, and understanding.

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This month we had the pleasure of speaking with Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore and a leading innovator in the music industry. Drawing on her years of experience as an eCommerce pioneer in the retail industry, Andreea joined TuneCore in 2015 as a member of the senior leadership team and rose to CEO in 2021. She shares with us her early experiences with music education and her trajectory in helping build ToneCore into one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the independent music space. Tune in to learn more about Andreea’s inspiring story and her perspectives on the democratization of music, both as a listener and as an artist.

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We speak with Waleed Diab, a music and technology industry leader who currently serves as Director, Global Head of Recorded Music Business Development at YouTube. Waleed is also an ETM Board Member who shares with us stories of his early exposure to music, its influence on his career, and his perspective on the critical relationship between music, culture, and community.

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Notables – EPISODE 2: Chris atlas

Noah speaks with music industry executive, Chris Atlas, as he shares how his musical childhood in the Bronx influenced his career choices, bringing him first to Tommy Boy Records, where he worked with the likes of De La Soul, all the way to serving as an Executive Vice President at Warner Records.

For the full transcript, click here.

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Notables – EPISODE 1: andy hilfiger

In our newest podcast series, Notables, ETM Instructional Supervisor Noah Teachey sits down with leaders in the music, technology, finance, and related industries to learn about the influential role that music has played in their lives. For our first episode, Noah speaks with Andy Hilfiger, fashion industry leader and musician, as he walks us through his early experiences with music and how they prepared him for his career in bringing fashion and the music industry together.

For the full transcript, click here.

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EPISODE 11: culturally responsive music education with ashley cuthbertson
What is culturally responsive music education? What is it not? And what are some starting points that educators can take to build a culturally responsive teaching practice? 

We’re delighted to be joined by Ashley Cuthbertson to explore these questions and more. Ashley is the Founder & CEO of A. Cuthbertson Consulting, LLC, an educational consulting firm that helps K-12 music educators connect with their learners so they can engage students of all backgrounds and abilities in high quality music instruction that develops skills for both inside and outside the music classroom.

Ashley shares with us her nontraditional journey from being a musician, to becoming a music teacher, to now supporting music educators across the country in developing skills for culturally responsive teaching. Tune in for Ashley’s critical perspective on how educators can develop a lens for equity and cultural responsiveness in the classroom to ensure success for today’s music learners.

To learn more about Ashley’s work visit: https://ashleycuthbertson.com/

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EPISODE 10: what makes for great music programs? 

What does it take to build a successful music program?

We kick off the school year by exploring this question with guests Elizabeth Guglielmo and Barbara Murray, current and former Directors of Music at the NYC Department of Education, respectively. Covering nearly two decades of leadership in the position (plus many more as music teachers and administrators), Elizabeth and Barbara join us for a spirited discussion about what makes for great music programs, the role of the Director of Music as the “eyes and ears of the music education community,” and what organizations like ETM bring to the effort of providing high-quality music instruction to all students.

They also share with us their perspectives on major trends in music education, the impact of supportive school leaders, and the value that the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Music provides as a framework for instruction and for building cultural connections.

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EPISODE 9: how can music teachers prepare for their first year over the summer?

This summer, we had the privilege to speak with Jessica Peresta, veteran music educator and founder and CEO of The Domestic Musician. Jessica started her teaching career at a low-income elementary school in Tulsa, OK, and over several years, built a successful program that won her Teacher of the Year and Teacher of Today awards. She currently is the elementary music teacher at The Hill School, as well as the host of The Elementary Music Teacher podcast, the author of the book “Make A Note: What You Really Need To Know About Teaching Elementary Music”, on the Teacher Advisory Board at Teacher Vision, and the professional development coordinator for F-flat Books.

As the school year approaches, we chat about tools and strategies that first year music teachers can prepare for over the summer as they get ready to enter their classroom and schools. Tune in to learn about Jessica’s time-tested practices for developing habits, building relationships, developing lessons plans, and more – great insight for early career and seasoned music educators alike! Learn more about Jessica’s work at: www.thedomesticmusician.com

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EPISODE 8: inside etm’s inaugural high school student composition contest
In this month’s special episode, we explore the origins and impact of ETM’s inaugural high school composition contest. The contest was based upon the ETM-authored music technology curriculum unit, “Trap Beats for Change,” in which high school students produce an original composition by creating a trap beat and incorporating audio samples that promote a social justice cause. We speak with students, teachers, and ETM support staff to tell the story of this unique ETM experience and share clips of the moving student submissions that address issues of gun violence, racism, women’s rights, and climate change. Tune in to listen to the voices of the ETM community and our talented partner school students as they share the inspiration and process behind their work.

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EPISODE 7: music education is a right – how to advocate for music education with naomi fernandez
This month we had the pleasure of speaking with Naomi Fernandez, Associate Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at ETM, to discuss the importance and practice of advocating for music education in our schools. Naomi is a veteran music educator who brings to ETM an unmatched level of experience teaching in the classroom, building K-12 music programs, developing culturally responsive curriculum and teacher training, and supporting early career music educators. Here she speaks about the practical ways educators can advocate for a robust and supported music program at their schools, and why she believes music education is a right for every child.

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EPISODE 6: What steps can teachers take to center black history in their music programs?

In this month’s episode, Noah sits down with fellow Instructional Supervisor Elijah Thomas to discuss approaches to centering Black History in the music classroom this month and every month. Their insightful conversation explores the role that music education has in shaping culture and its ability to inspire innovative ways for students to understand and respond to the truth of our country’s history. A number of influential teaching and community-building resources are highlighted in the discussion as well, available below.

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For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood, Chris Emdin
We Want to Do More Than Survive, Bettina Love
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Jeff Chang
Total Chaos, Jeff Chang
Hip Hop Genius, Sam Seidel

Transition Music

EPISODE 5: What makes for an excellent school concert?

In this month’s two-part episode, Noah is joined by Marta, Joe, and Alfredo, ETM Teachers who recently led successful concerts at their partner schools. They discuss concerts that have inspired them, what they have brought to their teaching careers from their experiences as performers, and the best practices and advice they would share with early career music teachers preparing for their first student performances.

Listen to “Education Through Music: The Podcast” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Education Through Music: The Podcast” on Spreaker.

EPISODE 4: how can the music classroom teach trust and care?

In our fourth episode, Noah sits down with ETM music teacher Arielle Lewis to discuss the role that music education plays in teaching trust and care. Arielle speaks about her personal experiences coping in the classroom in the midst of personal turmoil, as well as the redemption she experienced through building her music programs and preparing for her ukulele ensemble’s special holiday performance this season.

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EPISODE 3: What is the place of technology in the music classroom?

In our third episode, Noah sits down with Dr. Jim Frankel, veteran music educator and Founder/Director of MusicFirst, to discuss the many ways in which technology amplifies the impact of a complete music education and serves as a facilitator for accessibility in the music classroom.

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EPISODE 2: What do early career music teachers need to know?

In our second episode, Noah leads a round table discussion among ETM Instructional Supervisors to explore what early music teachers need to know to build an inclusive, supportive learning environment, while offering encouragement and guidance to music teachers at the beginning of their careers.

Listen to “Education Through Music: The Podcast” on Spreaker.

EPISODE 1: Why do we need music in schools?

In our first episode, Noah sits down with Education Through Music Teachers to discuss the value of music in schools. They reflect on their own lives as music students and connect their formative, personal experiences to the important work they do now as music teachers at under-resourced schools across New York City.

Listen to “Education Through Music: The Podcast” on Spreaker.