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Education Through Music Partner School Program ETM’s primary activity is forming long-term partnerships with New York City schools to help principals establish and sustain school-wide music education programs that reach every student.

Consulting ETM offers guidance in professional development, curriculum design, and program implementation to schools and organizations both locally and around the country. Clients have included school districts, teacher unions, orchestras, and public, private and charter schools.

Licensed Affiliates ETM has licensed an affiliate organization in Los Angeles to implement our model, and we are looking to expand to other areas across the country through the creation of affiliates.

Music education makes a difference. Each year, ETM helps thousands of children to learn skills, gain self-esteem and become excited about school. But for the long term, we are helping our partner schools establish strategic plans to hire their own music teachers and sustain music education beyond the existence of ETM.

Evaluation of the 2012-13 program finds that ETM instruction is associated with increased student learning in music and academics and with improved general development of students, and ETM builds support of music education within partnership schools and communities.

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