Education Through Music (ETM) partners with inner-city schools to provide music as a core subject for all children, and utilizes music education as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school, and self-confidence.


Education Through Music believes:

  • Every child deserves access to high-quality music education, taught by qualified and well-trained music teachers
  • Music should support learning in other key areas, including math, science and language arts
  • Engaged parents and school communities are key to the success of students



Education Through Music was founded to promote the integration of music into the curricula of disadvantaged schools in order to enhance students' academic performance and general development.

At ETM, we believe that every child deserves a well-rounded education: one that includes music. Unfortunately, many schools, especially those serving children in low-income communities, provide no music instruction or rely solely on short-term programs that do not serve every student. ETM created a comprehensive program that incorporates music into the education of every child, including those with special needs.

ETM forms long-term partnerships with inner-city elementary and middle schools that lack the resources to develop school-wide music programs. We ensure high-quality instruction by hiring qualified music teachers, providing ongoing training, and performing regular program assessments. We encourage classroom teachers and music teachers to collaborate so that music can reinforce learning and development in all areas. And we help schools embrace music as a core subject by involving all members of the school community.

Our program has succeeded from the start: ETM's first partner school won a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award from the U.S. Department of Education. ETM has since gone on to receive numerous awards and recognitions.

A further measure of our success is our growing national presence. In addition to maintaining partnerships with New York City schools, ETM provides advisory services to organizations and schools around the United States and has licensed one affiliate organization to replicate our model in Los Angeles.

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