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Live Music Returns!

The sound of live music once again filled the air at ETM partner school P.S. 369 in the Bronx!

Last week, ETM music teacher Beckham Butler hosted parents and members of the school community for “Breakfast with the Band,” an ETM tradition.

“Breakfast with the Band” gives parents a unique opportunity to see first-hand what their child has been working on in music class. Music Teachers walk parents and guardians through the day-to-day of a music class. The concert starts with warmups, then student demonstrations of techniques used in playing, and ends with songs the students have been working on.

The ensemble at P.S. 369 proved to be very impressive, especially since they picked up their instruments for the first time in January 2021! The concert also marked the first event held at the school all year! 

The ensemble, which comprised a saxophone player, two flautists, two clarinetists, two trombone players, a trumpeter, and a percussionist, all came together to create something special!  

Making the event even more memorable, our friends and partners at Mottley Kitchen in the Bronx provided individual breakfast packages for students and their parents. 

Jocelyn, a member of the band, shared that “I think every school should have band, it’s a chance to let kids have fun!”  She also said, “Music calms me. Everytime I listen to music, if I’m feeling sad, it helps make me calm.” 

Alan, who plays the clarinet in the band, has not missed one rehearsal yet! He likes being a part of the band because of the supportive environment that comes with being a part of an ensemble. “Other people support you, if you make a mistake, they are there to tell you it’s OK! I support my friends too, I tell them, no matter what, just keep playing!”

Thank you to Mottley Kitchen for their continued support, and for YOU, making students’ dreams of playing music a reality!