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Let’s Protect Our Planet While Making Music!

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

– William Shakespeare

Let’s celebrate Earth Day!

It is a day to reflect about taking care of our world and taking care of each other. 

At ETM, we think there is no better unifier than music. 

In our “Homemade” music series, ETM music teachers show students (and their families) how to create musical instruments out of everyday household items

What better way to honor Mother Earth than helping protect her by recycling, reusing, and releasing the sounds of beautiful music in the air

Check out a few of our favorite up-cycled instruments below! 

Trash Bagpipes

Plastic bags can seriously harm the environment.  They can get into soil and release toxic chemicals into the ground. They also can be very harmful to animals who may eat them.

ETM music teacher Sean Gallagher has a way to transform a harmful item into a beautiful instrument!! 

To make your very own trash bagpipes, you’ll need a plastic bag, a straw, some tape, and a recorder!


Eighty percent of plastic water bottles wind up in landfills, leaking harmful chemicals into our environment.To help protect our environment, use reusable bottles, or recycle the bottles you have and create your very own guiro

The guiro is a Latin American percussion instrument. 

In this video, ETM music teacher David Martinez and his daughter show us how to make our own guiro by using recycled plastic bottles, a pencil, and paper!

Box Guitar

Four billion trees are cut down to make paper products every year, including cardboard boxes. 

We have the best way to repurpose all of those shipping boxes you may have acquired over the last year: the box guitar!

ETM music teacher Jorge Quezada guides us through the process of creation. All you’ll need is a cardboard box, scissors, and rubber bands.


For more Earth-friendly musical instruments, click the link below!