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Gettin’ The Band Back Together!

Students at ETM Partner School M.S. 118 get their Instruments For the First Time!

After months of anticipation, the students at ETM partner school M.S. 118 have finally received their music instruments!

Last week, ETM Music Teacher Marissa Steele was able to give her students an opportunity she has been waiting to share with them since October.

She shared, “Many students expressed interest in learning instruments. A lot of them come from families who play instruments and they just wanted the opportunity to play with their families. I am so glad they have been given the chance.” 

For Marissa and her students, this was a long time coming.

Students were initially scheduled to receive their instruments back in October, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were shut down. Students were supposed to return to school at the end of February, but due to lingering risks, their school remained closed until last week. 

“They are really good about going with the flow,” Marissa said of her students. And after four months of waiting they finally got their instruments

Some of Marissa’s students previously went to elementary schools without music class, so the opportunity to play an instrument: a potentially life-changing experience! 

“It’s a lot of fun,” Marissa shared. “They all have a lot of energy. They show up with a lot of curiosity about what we are learning, and they are always open to trying new things.” 

The students are glad to be back together in-person. They love seeing each other on the bus, getting to work on projects together, and of course, now they will have the opportunity to create music together with their new instruments