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Nick LaFleur

Nicholas LaFleur serves as the Director of Partnership Programs. He received his Master of the Arts in Performing Arts Administration from New York University, Advanced Certification in Music Education from Brooklyn College, and his Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz Performance from the University of Massachusetts. He came to ETM in 2008, after having served as General Manager of Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center in Bronx, NY, since 2006. After finishing his Bachelor’s Degree, Nick spent three years teaching music in the school systems of Boston and Los Angeles before turning to a full-time career of performance in the U.S. and Asia, eventually settling in Bangkok, where he stayed for 11 years working extensively in its commercial music industry and education. Before returning to the U.S. from Thailand in 2003, Nick spent three years as Director of the Jazz & Contemporary Music program at MIFA-The International Academy of Music. Nick plays saxophone, flute, and trumpet.