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RAII & Whitney

RAII & WHITNEY are not your typical recording artists. Although many young entertainers write, perform and sing, very few have had the opportunity to do so while sharing some of the world’s biggest stages with some of the most renowned stars…and their significant other.

That is the case of RAII and Whitney, who married in August of 2010 in RAII’s hometown of Chicago. Having met several years earlier, the two crossed paths during RAII’s years as an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois. Whitney, an Urbana-Champaign native, met RAII when he joined her as a member of a local gospel music ensemble. They would spend the next five years traveling, performing, writing, and arranging music together. Eventually, the pair noticed that their personal, professional, and romantic interests had significant overlap.

In 2010, weeks leading up to RAII & Whitney getting married, Whitney joined RAII in supporting Estelle. That marked their first professional, international job together as supporting vocalists. Beginning in 2012, RAII joined Whitney as a member of the Alicia Keys band. Together, the husband and wife team joined Alicia as her sole supporting vocalists. Additionally, RAII and Whitney have worked together as supporting vocalists for Ed Sheeran, Estelle, and many others as well as performed in house bands for various tv and award shows. The couple appeared on Season 11 of “America’s Got Talent” and headlined a winter tour in Switzerland. In the process of their touring, they are finding time to work on their joint album as well as their agency His & Her Entertainment, which will train and cultivate other creatives. They have released their debut single “No Worries Step Clap” and are currently writing and recording original music for various upcoming projects and are excited to share their music with the world.