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Ulises Solano

Ulises Solano is an Education Through Music veteran who has served both as a music teacher (since 2007) and as an Instructional Supervisor (since 2016). Originally from Costa Rica (A country with no army that prides itself for having more teachers than soldiers), his first job as a music teacher was straight out of high school in his native country at age 17. He’s been teaching ever since. He graduated from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music with his Bachelors’s and Masters’s in vocal performance. Aside from being a teacher, he has had a very active singing career, touring the world as an operatic tenor, concertist, recitalist, choral conductor, and pianist. Ulises has a special interest in social causes and the mental transformation of society through education. He says, “What keeps me motivated at ETM is its mission statement. What we do matters because we aim to bring equality through music to those for whom music education is a dream, something only other schools with means do. My job is to empower teachers to see opportunity in the absence of it and to enable them to harness for themselves the amazing societal transformative power that, through music, they carry inside.”