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The Quest for Better Education: Will You Join Us?

The Quest for Better Education: Will You Join Us?

by Richard Bernstein, Chairman, Board of Directors

From the moment I stepped into an Education Through Music classroom almost ten years ago, observing a music lesson and watching the intense concentration and passion in the eyes of children, I became hooked on ETM’s mission. Today, now more than ever, my commitment remains unwavering, as I have seen first-hand the power of music education in transforming students’ lives.

As 2019 begins, one thing remains consistent: Education Through Music is resolutely dedicated to equity for all students. For ETM, that means that every child deserves quality music education. Every child, including students with disabilities, regardless of talent or ability, with a focus on low-income communities.

The new year brings with it new opportunities. When ETM began 28 years ago, the program began in just one school. Now in 65 schools in New York City serving 34,000 students, we envision growth that will bring ETM to 100 schools in the not-so-distant future.

With our ambitious plans comes the need for passionate advocates who support comprehensive music education. If you already support ETM, please consider helping us to get the word out about the importance of bringing music education back into all schools. If you’re just learning about Education Through Music for the first time, won’t you please consider joining us on our quest to bring music education to all students in New York City?