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Sunshine, Warm Weather, and 5 Spring Break Themed Musical Activities!

We’ve made it to Spring! 
The sun is shining just a little bit brighter, the weather is getting warmer, and students, teachers, and school staff have made it to that time-honored tradition: Spring Break! 
While the world is slowly and safely beginning to re-open, we have 5 musical activities that are perfect for you and your families to do together this Spring Break!

Enjoy Live Music!

Live music is back in New York City with NY PopsUp!

Across all five boroughs of NYC, hundreds of free pop-up events are taking place at some of New York’s most iconic spots: subway platforms, museums, street corners, train stations, parks and more. Don’t miss your chance to see some of the entertainment industry’s biggest superstars including: Hugh Jackman, Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as local performers, students, and so many more!  Playing now through Labor Day.

Travel (Virtually!)

Travel the world with ETM music teachers! Take a virtual vacation to Brazil, Colombia, and Cuba! Learn about the culture of each country, and, most importantly, learn about the different styles of music each country has to offer!

Sing a Happy Song!

ETM music teacher Ashley D’Amico has the perfect pick: If You’re Happy and You Know It!” Clap your hands, move around, and sing as loud as you can! Just have fun! We have got a full list of other fun songs you can sing-along with too!

Listen to Music Outside!

Grab your bluetooth speaker, pick out your favorite playlist, head outside to your backyard, balcony, or stoop, and blast your music as loud as you can! Dance! Sing! BBQ! Enjoy time spent with your family and friends! Check out our playlist of inspiring songs to get ya started.

Create Your Own Soundtrack Using the Sounds of (Urban) Nature!

The beeps of car horns, the sound of children playing on the street, the animals at the zoo. Music is all around us! 

Take a day trip to the zoo (virtual or in-person).  What sounds are the animals making?

Spend the day at the park. Listen to the bells on the bicycles passing by: what patterns and rhythms do you hear? 

Go to a baseball game and sing the “YMCA” with the Yankees field crew! 

Enjoy listening to the wonderful sounds nature (and the city) has to offer!