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5 Ways To Incorporate Music Into Your Everyday Life

By ETM Staff

1) Start the day with a song!

Set an alarm for your favorite “rise up and take on the day” song. Research by neurologists and psychologists points to connections between the tempo of music and energy levels in the body. An ideal tempo for a song to help you wake you up in an energized mood will fall between 120-145 beats per minute (bpm). 

2) Sing in the shower!

After starting the day with a song, keep the musical mood going with a quick concert in the shower! Whether you’re a beginner or Pavarotti, the acoustics in most bathrooms will bring out the best in your voice—plus the sound of water provides a natural backtrack. 

3) Work out to music!

Time to hit the streets and get your workout on! Beyond elevating mood, playing music during your workout acts as a distraction from pain and fatigue, and can increase your endurance, satisfaction, and metabolism! The ideal tempo for a workout playlist will feature songs with tempos ranging between 130-175 bpm. Curious about how to find songs that will get your blood pumping? Check out apps like RockMyRun, Pandora, and Spring Running Music to help customize your workout mix!

4) Make a playlist!

Speaking of playlists, whether you’re riding the subway or going on an epic road trip, music enhances the way we think and feel in our surroundings and can become associated with memories. Try making a playlist to reflect a specific mood or theme, and let it become the “soundtrack” of your life that day. Playlists also are a great tool to connect with others and share all your favorite music in a fun and personalized way. Visit Spotify to check out our staff picks for favorite summer songs. Listen here!

5) Learn a new instrument!

Whether you studied an instrument in school, play professionally, or simply enjoy the sound of beatbox didgeridoo, challenge yourself to learn some basics on a new instrument this summer. Check out this TED-Ed talk that explores how playing an instrument benefits the brain in some pretty incredible ways! Watch here!

BONUS: Dance like no one’s watching!

Whether alone or with family and friends, a great way to finish the day is by putting on one of your favorite tunes and shaking out any leftover silliness or stress! This will help to end the day on a high note (pun intended), and expend your energy to help you get a good night’s sleep before another day of enjoying music!


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