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"Blank Assignments"

By ETM Social Media and Content Manager Jennifer Williams

Picture this: You’re an ETM music teacher. You have just created the most amazing assignment for your students!

It hits all the marks: creative, fun, educational…you feel like an all-star teacher extraordinaire! 

You add the assignment to your Google Classroom (a platform that helps teachers and students organize their work online), set a due date, and excitedly anticipate the imaginative work your students have created.

You check back the next day, still hopeful, still excited, and you see nothing but blank assignments!


ETM partner school teacher Stephaine Allen channels the pain of amazing educators across the world with her original song “Blank Assignments.”

Since most teachers will be teaching remotely for the next couple of weeks, Stephanie is bringing a little humor while we all continue to navigate the world of distance learning.

She also shares a reminder to her students, something we know all educators will agree with: “if you need a helping hand, you can always count on me.”

To all of the teachers, students, parents, administrators in schools throughout the world, whatever your classrooms look like, we wish you a safe and healthy start to the year!

And a special note to the teachers, we hope you don’t get too many blank assignments!