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Let’s Cook! Musical Fun from Our Kitchen to Yours!

By ETM Social Media and Content Manager Jennifer Williams

At ETM, we believe that music and food go hand-in-hand. 

Who doesn’t love listening to live music while enjoying dinner with friends? And what about the New Year’s Eve tradition of banging pots and pans to celebrate at the stroke of midnight?. 

Music is all around us. Even in our kitchens!

ETM music teachers David Martinez and Brittany Harris have found fun and creative techniques to teach musical concepts while cooking! 

Burger Band

Fire up the grill! In this live lesson, David teaches us all about rhythm using the ingredients to make a delicious hamburger! How many syllables are in the word ham-bur-ger? How about mozz-a-rell-a? Those syllables represent quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes, which make up a delicious rhythm! 

What fixings do you love to put on your burger? Mix it up, and use your favorite toppings to create your own song! 



Sandwich Sonata 

Turkey and cheese. Italian. Classic grilled cheese. Did you know that the techniques you use to craft your favorite sandwich are the same techniques used to build a song? Who knew composing could be so delicious and simple! 

You can think of the structures of a music composition like the parts of a sandwich, in this case, a grilled cheese sandwich!

A song with an “ABA” structure is like a simple sandwich: Bread, Cheese, Bread! If you want to add a tomato, you have an “ABCA” structure: Bread, Cheese, Tomato, Bread! Just as tasty as it sounds! 

The sections of your song come together creating luscious music, just like that first bite of your favorite sandwich!

Have we gotten you hungry? We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative and cook up some music in your own kitchens