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Donor Spotlight: Sanéa and Alina Honor Their Father by Supporting ETM

by ETM Staff

ETM is proud to have a passionate community of supporters who help bring music to more children across New York City. Our donors find ETM for many reasons, but many share a deep connection to music in their own lives. This is the case for Sanéa and Alina Pinkney, two sisters who are fundraising for ETM this fall in honor and memory of their father, Robert V. Pinkney, Jr.

Robert, born and raised in Brooklyn, had a life-long passion for music and made it a centerpiece of his life. As his family said, “There was rarely a song he didn’t know.”

He instilled this love of music in his children, who have fond memories of going to concerts with their dad and discovering a whole world of music through his eyes. He helped them, in turn, pass that appreciation down to their own kids.

Robert cared as much for children as he did for music. He was a devoted father of four girls and a grandfather to seven grandchildren. And as a city bus driver for nearly three decades, he was known for his kindness and rapport with local kids. He looked out for them as they rode to and from school, often giving them a little money or a snack, and always making sure they had a safe trip.

With their father’s zeal for music and concern for children in mind, Sanéa and Alina are excited to partner with ETM, seeing his values reflected in our mission to bring music into the lives of children throughout high-need communities, providing access to the arts that might not have been otherwise possible. “I am so excited about this collaboration for children, music, and supporting the thing my dad valued and enjoyed most in life,” says Sanéa.

ETM is thankful to have the support of this wonderful family, and so many others like them. Because of donors like Sanéa and Alina, even more students will have access to music education, no matter their zip code or backgrounds.