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Getting Organized: Easy as Do, Re, Mi!

By ETM Instructional Supervisor Naomi Fernandez

Getting organized can feel overwhelming, but helping your child get organized can seem impossible! Don’t live in despair through another chaotic school year. Implement these three easy steps. It’s as simple as Do, Re, Mi!

DO – Do keep a MASTER CALENDAR for your family.
Centralizing your family’s events, sports, concerts and other events will help alert you to possible schedule conflicts and provide a more holistic overview of your day, week and month. Also, most digital calendars provide reminders and can be updated on the spot, using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

RE – Remind your child using CHECKLISTS!
Checklists help establish routines and transfer responsibility. Lists can be as simple as a series of pictures or as advanced as a digital application. Just make sure to make your checklists visible/readily accessible.

Recommended checklists:

  • Getting Myself Ready for School
  • Completing My Homework/Music Practice
  • Getting Myself Ready for Bed

MI – Minimize misplaced materials using a STUDY SPOT!
Designating a study spot with a filled supply-caddie, writing space, and labeled folders or containers is a great way to support student organization. Fewer papers will disappear and you’ll save time on searching for lost supplies.

So, as the school year approaches and you start thinking about the back-to-school nights: classroom supplies, before-and after-school activities, homework, music concerts, etc. Don’t panic – Do, Re, Mi!