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Let's Make Some Spook-tacular Music!

What do drums and ghosts have in common?!
A fa-BOO-lous rhythm game of course! 

Follow these simple steps to create your own drum kit, THEN take it a step further and make some music! 

What you’ll need: 
  • Paper plate
  • Set of chopsticks 
  • Medium sized beads (with holes in the middle)
  • Glue 
  • Markers/crayons
What to do:

Step 1: Glue a bead to the end of each chopstick. (Be sure the bead fits tightly on the end of the chopstick)

Your chopsticks have been transformed into drumsticks! Wait for the glue in your drumsticks to dry. 

Step 2: Make it spooky! Decorate your paper plate as you wait for the glue to dry! Add pumpkins, ghosts, black cats – get creative! 

Place the paper plate bottom side up on a hard surface. (Your paper plate has now transformed into a drum) 

Step 3: Use your drumsticks to drum your beats and rhythms. Experiment with different sounds. 

How does it sound when you tap the middle of the drum compared to the sides? Does it sound different if you pick it up? 

Now that you have your drum, let’s play a rhythm game!

Step 1: Draw or write out a ghost, pumpkin, and spooky cat. These Halloween figures will represent different rhythms, based on the syllables in each word. 

Ghost =1 beat

Pump-Kin = 2 beats

Spoo-Ky Cat = 3 beats

Step 2: Let’s make some music! Arrange the pictures in different configurations to create your own beats. 

For example:

(2 beats)

(1 beats)

 (3 beats)

(1 beat)

Use your drum sticks to tap out the different rhythms!