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New evaluation and data from ETM

By Leighann Starkey, PhD, Director of Evaluation

As ETM’s Director of Evaluation, I am pleased to share our latest Impact Report, which represents the baseline of a multi-year evaluation plan. This report captures how ETM works to provide equal access to school music programming, as well as insight into our impact on partner satisfaction and student engagement in music and school. Some highlights include:

  • 40% of students at new partner schools report that they have NEVER before taken a general music class.
  • 80% of ETM music teachers agree that because of ETM, they have become part of a community of music teachers.
  • 91% of surveyed partner school principals agree that ETM provides their music teacher(s) with specialized support that would be hard to provide otherwise.

In addition to sharing ETM’s program model and basic evidence of our impact, ETM’s evaluation efforts are also geared at systematically informing our knowledge of what works, for whom, and under what circumstances, so that we can consistently deliver effective, sustainable programming. Here are some of the ways findings from our evaluation efforts help evolve our programming:

  • ETM is currently piloting new middle school models that place greater emphasis on elective ensembles and music technology, while supporting students who may have had limited exposure to music education in the past to fully participate in these opportunities;
  • ETM is implementing professional development that is increasingly tailored to the unique context of music educators in NYC schools.  Topics cover a range of needs specific to music education, such as assistance with curriculum planning, certification in specific music pedagogies, navigating the state teaching certification process, and instrument repair.

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