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Keeping the Music Alive

By ETM Staff

Music continues to inspire every day. It can help bring a smile to your face, trigger a special memory, make you want to get up and have an impromptu dance party! The staff at Education Through Music shares their tips on how to keep music alive in your life!

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve used music as a memory tool. Whether I was creating musical mnemonics to remember the order of the planets, or learning vocabulary in a new language, for me, music and memory always go hand-in-hand.”
– Catherine Swabb, Development Associate

“During times of uncertainty, music is a source of hope and comfort. Be sure to play calming music to lessen the stress and anxiety for the little ones in your life.”
– Naomi Fernandez, Instructional Supervisor

“Keep music in your life by playing music in the background while you work!”
– Katherine Freedman, Development Associate

“The internet is helping me keep music in my life! Playbill created a wonderful list of musicals you can watch right from your home. A lot of great musicians, too, are live streaming concerts. Music, theater, and dance are so important to me. I am glad to be able to keep the music alive in my home!”
– Jennifer Williams, Marketing and Communications Associate

“Just like our students need stretch and movement breaks throughout their day, working from home presents similar challenges. So I will have mini-dance parties during my day. Blast the music and dance like no one’s watching!”
   – Beth Buelhman, Instructional Supervisor

“Find a Song Pen-Pal! When my husband and I first started dating, he was away on a gig in Virginia. He would send a song, and then I would send one back in response. It helped us stay connected despite the geographical distance.”
  – Helen Frank, Director of Marketing & Communications

“I plan on turning a negative into a positive: with all the time I’m saving by not commuting, I have more time to practice my guitar!”
– Rainah Berlowitz, Director of Finance and Business Operations