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At-Home Musical Scavenger Hunt

Education Through Music’s Musical Scavenger Hunt!

By ETM Director of Marketing Helen Frank and Social Media and Content Manager Jennifer Williams

Music is all around us! From the sounds of our dog’s collar jingling to the sizzle of steak crackling on the grill, musical masterpieces can be created out of the simplest of things! 

We thought it would be fun to create an At-Home Musical Scavenger Hunt, perfect for the entire family for those rainy summer days, or those cold snow days in! 

Split into teams or do it on your own. All you’ll need are your eyes and a bit of creativity!

This activity is a great way for students to tap into their creative problem solving, teamwork, and decision-making, the life skills they learn through music learning and music making.

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ETM’s Musical Scavenger Hunt!

    1. Find something in your kitchen that sounds like a maraca when you shake it! Can’t find anything? You can make your own shaker using plastic eggs and some rice. Watch this video to learn how!
    2. Find a book, magazine, or movie in your house with an image of someone using a musical instrument (singing counts!).
      Here are some hints: Rolling Stone magazine, a biography of your favorite singer, movies like “August Rush” or “Pitch Perfect”–the possibilities are endless!
    3. Find something in your house that makes noise when you squeeze it, like a bagpipe! (Warning: Squeezing your pets to make them yelp doesn’t count!)
      Did you know? Bagpipes are originally from the Middle East but have become very popular in Scotland. Check out this video of the Red Hot Chili Pipers for some inspiration!
    4. Find something in your bedroom that could be used as a percussion instrument. Extra points if you find two items to use for drumsticks!
      Did you know? Percussion instruments fall into two categories “pitched,” like steel drums (doesn’t this make you want to be lying on a beach in the Caribbean?!), and “unpitched” like a snare drum (as seen here in the movie Drumline)
    5. Find something in your home or garage that makes a bass tone or a low tone. Want to learn more about bass and bass instruments? Check out this recent Facebook lesson all about that bass.
    6. Find something you can use as a whistle or that whistles on its own! HINT ALERT! Can you identify what household appliance makes a whistling sound?

Once you have collected your items, have some fun and make some music! We would love to see what you have collected and hear your creations!

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Scavenger Hunt Item #1: Maracas! Learn how to make your own maracas using plastic eggs and rice!
Scavenger Hunt Item #3: Squeeze for Sound! The Red Hot Chili Pipers perform popular songs on their bagpipes.
Scavenger Hunt Item #5: Bass is the Place! In this lesson, the ETM music teacher teaches us all about the bass.