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“I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…”

By ETM Marketing and Communications Associate Jennifer Williams

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities across the world, and despite great devastation, we’ve seen so many inspiring acts of solidarity and support.

The same can be said for the Education Through Music community: not only have our staff, teachers, students, parents, and principals come together to reimagine music class, but  our partners have joined us to support music education and enrich our virtual classrooms with their own messages and lessons. 

The members of Time for Three sit down to discuss the importance of music education.

From our long-standing supporters at Cords for Music and Time for Three, to our new friends  at EVEN, and even Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, our partners have stepped up for our students and teachers. From creating their very own music lessons, sharing conversations about music education, to sending messages of support, our amazing partners are helping to bring high-quality music education.  

Nicholas Colbence from Cords for music got together with his family to create this DYNAMIC lesson!

Nicholas Coblence from Cords for Music shared, “Music education is playing a critical role during this difficult time. From what I have heard and seen, it continues to bring so much joy and excitement to so many children learning at home. Yet there are challenges. Not enough children have access to the technology, instruments, or simply the space they need to continue learning music. As we look toward the road to recovery, what I do know is that it has never been more important to support the efforts of organizations like Education Through Music.”

Partnerships like these allow ETM to develop new resources that can be shared with our students and teachers. When a partner then shares these resources with their own audiences, they raise awareness of ETM’s work and teach people how to advocate for music in their own schools and communities.

Guest teacher Ilan Harel from EVEN teaches students about sound and pitch and challenges them to create their own music.

Ilan Harel from EVEN also shared, “In Education Through Music, we have found a perfect partner to help us meet that call. At one time or another each of us has asked ourselves, where would we be had we not been introduced to music early in our lives? Thanks to the incredible work put in by the team and staff at ETM, a new generation of children won’t have to answer that question either.”

And even though field trips are no longer possible, when our partners provide “guest instruction,” our students get some of the same benefits: exploring a new environment, meeting people in varied professions, and experiencing music outside of the classroom. 

We’re so grateful to our partners, and thankful that they’ve continued to prioritize our students and teachers in the face of this pandemic. You can support our partners, too, by visiting their websites to learn more about their work.

Interested in partnering with Education Through Music or contributing to our distance learning library? Contact us at info@etmonline.org